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Video Tutorials of Barcode Generator

The video tutorials of Barcode Generator provide a step by step procedure to create, print or export barcodes using some user friendly videos.

Introduction to Barcode Generator

This video is concerned about overview of complete functioning of Barcode Generator software. It includes tutorials how to select barcode font; how to input data through constant values or list values option; how to import data from text or excel files; how to customize barcodes using basic settings; how to print barcode labels using different print alignments such as auto, manual an predefined label stock; how to save barcodes in JPEG, BMP, TIFF image formats and how to copy barcode images in MS Word etc.

Working With Data Sheets

This tutorial learns user how to work with data sheets to create single or sequential list of barcodes. It is composed of how to create list of barcodes through entering data manually in Barcode Value, Text above and Text Below Barcodes. It also gives help in describing how to import data from text or excel files to create sequential barcodes in list. This video is concerned about how to print multiple barcodes on same page through adjusting number in print quantity field alternative.  

Settings and Formatting of Barcodes

This video is created of how to set and format barcodes using basic settings, text formatting and advanced settings features. It tells the customer how to adjust barcode width, barcode height, color, background, rotation etc using basic settings option. This tutorial is used to select font style, font size, color etc of Barcode Value, Text Above Barcodes and Text Below Barcodes with text formatting feature. It also covers part how to adjust bar dimensions such as bar width, bar height, margins etc through advanced settings option. 

Printing Barcodes on Avery, Apli Labels

This tutorial helps user to print barcode labels with diverse print alignments like auto, manual and predefined label stock. It contains how to print Avery, Apli, Ace Label barcode labels with best quality. This video covers sections how to customize printed barcodes through manual print alignment. It tells the user how to print barcodes with auto print alignment or select Avery, Apli labels through predefined label stock.   

Export Barcodes to MS Word

This video is composed of how to save barcodes in various image file formats including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF, EMF, PNG and others. It also learns how to copy barcode images with image resolution upto 1200 dpi in MS Word, MS Excel, MS paint, Adobe Photoshop and other popular applications.

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