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This page comprises of frequently asked questions for Barcode Generator such as pricing and discount faqs, ordering and payment faqs.

Pricing and Discounts FAQs

1. How much Barcode Generator costs?

Ans. Barcode Generator costs 49.90 USD for single user license key. You can also purchase multiple user license keys from order now page.

2. Will I have to pay any extra charges in purchasing Barcode Generator?

Ans. No, there is no need to pay any additional or hidden charges. You have to pay just $ 49.90 and use full version software. 

3. Do you provide any discount schemes?

Ans. Yes, we offer volume discounts and special pricing schemes. For further information, visit at sales@bestbarcodegenerator.com

4. Is there any discount on purchasing multiple licenses simultaneously?

Ans. Yes, you will definitely obtain special discounts on purchasing multiple licenses at once. All discount information is provided on order now page

5. Do you offer any discount for resellers?

Ans. Yes, we give special discount schemes for resellers. Please contact us at sales@bestbarcodegenerator.com

Ordering and Payments FAQs

1. How can I order Barcode Generator?

Ans. You can easily place your order for Barcode Generator by just submitting some required information in Online Secure Order form presented at our website. Please contact us at order now page.

2. Is there any difference between demo and full version of Barcode Generator?

Ans.  There is no much difference between both Demo and Full version of Barcode Generator; the only difference is that “Demo” Label is shown on each barcode created through demo version whereas full version generates same barcode with identical information with any label. 

3. How and when can I deliver the product?

Ans. We will give you a confirmation mail with license registration key after getting full payment form your purchase. After that you can instantly run full version of Barcode Generator with authentication of license key.

4. Is there any validity period on using demo version of Barcode Generator?

Ans. No, there is no limited time period of using demo version of Barcode Generator.

5. What are supported modes of payment?

Ans. You can make your payment though following convenient payment modes:

  • Secure Online Credit Card
  • Pay Pal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Mail/Check/Money Order
  • Local Bank Transfer

6. A single license is valid for how many days?

Ans.  A single license key is valid for unlimited lifetime on same computer.

7. Can I use same license on two different computers?

Ans. No, you cannot implement same license key for two different systems. You have to purchase two license keys for two computers.



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