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Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator bestow most auspicious software to generate customized barcodes very precisely for utmost commercial and non-commercial industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Packaging, Transportation, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Warehouse, Stationary, Telecommunications, Postal Services, Airlines, Entertainment or any other. Application is absolutely versatile to develop barcode by using almost 35 barcode fonts such as Code 11, Code 39, Code 98, Code 128, EAN, ISSN, ISBN, UPC, Codabar, Postnet, Planet with alternative to implement checksum or not for specific barcodes. Barcode Label Generator provides an expedite solution with extremely handy graphical interface to design pliable barcodes by assigning specific desirable Text Font, Size, Color, Alignment, Bar Code Setting like Height-Width, Color, Margins and lots of other attributes. Software acquires provision to generate barcode either through import data from text, excel and csv files or inclusively efficient to generate barcodes by defining new values for developing various distinct sizes barcodes with evolving different rotations and conveniently attuned with several different layouts including tags, ribbons, assets, coupons, wrist bands and so on.

Barcode Generator offers functionality to save barcode values in text or excel files and easily copy in different image formats for motive of further reference or reuse to save time and efforts. Barcode Label Generator is comprehensively accessible to generate few or numerous barcodes in very minimal time, resources and efforts consumption along with constant, random or sequential values and quite adaptable in various print options and allow to use any kind of pre defined labels such that APLI, Avery, Aone, Datamax, Sako, Zweckworm and so many to print optimized barcodes. Application is absolutely inexpensive and standalone utility generates single or thousands of barcode without any additional software for barcode designing as well as immense technical or designing skills are also not required to develop vastly used barcodes. Barcode Label Generator supports each and every version of Windows operating system such as 98, 2000, NT, XP, ME, Vista and remaining others.

Key Features of Barcode Generator

  • Easy to use through user friendly graphical interface.

  • Swiftly generates numerous optimized barcodes.

  • Expert to create constant, sequential or random barcodes.

  • Capable to generate barcodes by using different barcode fonts i.e. UPC, Code 128 etc.

  • Allow to import barcode values from any text or excel document.

  • Retains various settings and formatting attributes to create flexible barcodes.

  • Provides widely used print preview to print apposite barcodes.

  • Supports almost pre defined labels such as APLI, Brady, CILS, Intermec and lots of others.

  • Competent to print barcodes with optimum quality through any ordinary or barcode printer.

  • Offer facility to export or copy generated barcodes in text, excel or image files.

  • Low-Cost and Standalone utility to create barcodes without any third party software.

  • Technical or designing efficiency is not required to develop barcodes through generator.

  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems like 98, 2000, XP, Vista etc

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